PRRO Award





California Public Radio
Eastern Region Public Media
Public Radio in Mid America
Western States Public Radio


2018 Gemma Hooley
Senior Vice President Member Partnership, NPR

2017     Doug Eichten
former President, Greater Public

2016      Bruce Theriault
​former Senior Vice President for Journalism and Radio, CPB

2015      Mark Fuerst
Director of the Public Media Futures Forums

2014    Mike Starling
former Executive Director, NPR Labs

2013    Joyce Slocum
Chief Administrative Officer & Company Secretary, NPR

2012     Patricia Cahill
Chairman, Board of Directors, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

2011     Scott Hanley
General Manager, WDUQ, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2010     Mike Riksen
Vice President for Policy and Representation, National Public Radio

2009     Ellen McDonnell
Director, Morning Programming, National Public Radio

2008     Joanne Church
President, Radio Research Consortium

2007     William Cooperman
Director, Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP), National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

2006     Dennis Haarsager
Associate Vice President and General Manager, Educational Telecommunications and Technology, KWSU, Washington State University

2005     Fred deMarco
Executive Vice President & Senior Advisor to the President, CPB

2004     Carol Pierson
President, National Federation of Community Broadcasters

2003    Alma Long
Conference Manager, National Public Radio

2002    Dale Ouzts
General Manager, WOSU, Columbus, Ohio

2001    David Noble
Director, International Association of Reading Services

2000    Linda Carr
University: Station Alliance

1999    The Honorable John E. Porter
Congressman, Illinois

1999    Jon Schwartz
General Manager, Wyoming Public Radio

1998    Jim Paluzzi
General Manager, BSU, Boise, Idaho

1997    Rick Madden
Director, Radio Operations, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

1996    Skip Pizzi
BE Magazine/Consultant

1995    Sid Brown
Chief Financial Officer, National Public Radio

1994    Yoko Arthur
Director, Human Resources, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

1993    Hugo Morales
Executive Director, Radio Bilingue

1992    Mary Dinota
Program Officer, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

1991    Carl Kasell
Newscaster, National Public Radio

1990    Tom Church
President, Radio Research Consortium

1989   Jane Couch
Director of Development, National Public Radio

1989    Don Otto
Executive Director, Eastern Public Radio

1988    Carolyn Glover
Director, Administrative Services, National Public Radio

1987   Mary Lou Joseph
Director, National Affairs, National Public Radio