The most recent article in the Infinite Dial series from Edison Research states that weekly audience for all forms of online radio is growing, now 36% of all Americans age 12+ or 94 million nationally.  Thirty-one percent of Americans use Pandora as compared to 8% for iTunes monthly usage.  Not surprisingly, podcasts are on the rise and more than six in ten own a smartphone (that’s 8 in 10 aged 18-34).  Read more here.

In another Edison Research article, take a look at “What Nationalization Will Mean to American Radio.”  Larry Rosin asks the key question, “Will the nationalized radio content be so great, so amazing, so compelling, that consumers of tomorrow will stay loyal to FM?”  He writes, “I feel like I have a pretty good sense for what the “brand” of radio is for people. And that brand is “local.”  Read more here.