David Feingold

General Manager & CEO
Blue Ridge Public Radio
David Feingold is General Manager and CEO of Blue Ridge Public Radio (BPR) and it’s two broadcast services: WCQS-news/classical and BPR News-all news. He grew up in Brooklyn (as he says “before it was cool”) and fell in love with broadcasting at his college’s student radio station. David spent the first part of his career in public radio news departments in the Midwest before heading East for a move to television. At CNN he held several positions, including Business News Editor, National Editor, and London Bureau Chief.
After 10 years in the UK, David decided it was time to repatriate to the States. He joined NET – Nebraska’s state-wide public broadcasting network – as the executive in charge of radio and television programming and the both regional and national production of news, sports, documentaries, and specials. As he travels around Western North Carolina, he often hears BPR described as a connector of communities and the people that care about them.  David and his wife, Ellen, actively participate in the many cultural, culinary, and outdoor experiences that are abundant in the Asheville area.
David earned a BA in psychology at the State University of New York at Binghamton, and an MA in Mass Communications – with an emphasis in broadcast and journalism law – from Central Missouri State University. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Asheville Area Arts Council.